The return of the right and the coming of the volkstaat

Carel Boshoff IV is eloquent, intelligent and a stimulating conversationalist. As "president" of the Orania Movement it is his task to promote and protect the interests of Orania, the Afrikaner settlement near Hopetown in the Northen Cape established before the advent of democracy. Last week Boshoff, a grandchild of apartheid premier Hendrik Verwoerd and a former member of the Northern Cape's legislature for the Freedom Front Plus, issued a statement addressed to "Afrikaner decisionmakers" in which he argues that the time to pursue the ideal of an own Afrikaner territory – a volkstaat, in 1990s parlance – has come. Boshoff argues that race relations are deteriorating, as illustrated by the debate on land expropriation and the recent "witch hunt" targeting the Schweizer-Reneke teacher, and says it seems that the ideal of a non-racial society remains a mirage. He also questions the construct of South Africa and believes the country consists of divergent language and cultura…
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